Michael Forsman

Christian, Full-Stack Software Engineer, Biohacker, and more.


Michael Forsman

Howdy, my name is Michael Forsman.

I'm a software engineer in central Nebraska. When I'm not writing software for my job, private contracting, or just for fun, I enjoy reading, traveling with my wife Madison, building hobby projects in the garage, camping, and hiking.

Software Contracting

I currently work as a full-stack .NET software engineer as my professional career. In addition to this however, I also do custom software contracting on the side when I can! If you have an idea for a project, or something you would like built, shoot me a message with the Contact form below, and we'll chat. I would love to help you out with your idea!


Outside my professional career, I also enjoy building projects for fun sometimes I share them on this website down in the Projects section for others to check out!.

Amateur Radio

When I'm not busy with the above, I am an amateur radio operator, I have just passed my General and Amateur Extra license exams, and am getting my HF antenna built and put up! My callsign is KEØTCF, maybe we'll run into eachother on the air!


I am also an amateur biohacker! I currently have a small disc magnet in the side of my ring-finger, and another magnet in the blade of my right hand. In the webbing of my left hand, I have a VivoKey Spark 2 chip, and in the right a Dangerous Things NExT chip. I am constantly tinkering with these bionic implants and building electronic gadgets to leverage them!



A fully customizable, system tray resident launcher menu with support for folders and sub-folders, separators, and dual launch options for each entry.


Backcountry trip planning made easy!




Shoot me an email and I'll get back to you soon!